Piano Recital – Fairy Tales 2018

The Fairy Tales Piano Recital Concert was held on August 30th. The exquisite performances from the Students and Teachers of Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) delivered an unforgettable experience for the audience. Let’s revisit this memorable Concert.     Click here to see more photos of the Piano Recital – Fairy Tales 2018!

Soul Experience Station (SES) Term II/2018

The Soul Music & Performing Arts (SMPAA)’s SES (Soul Experience Station) Term II/2018. SES is an open stage offering opportunities to practice, perform and apply learned skills and knowledge for Students of the Faculty of Music. Click here to see more photos of the SES (Soul Experience Station) Term II/2018!

Vietnam Puppetry Festival 2018

Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) was honoured to perform at the Vietnam Puppetry Festival 2018 on the 16th and 17th August on Nguyen Hue Street, HCMC. The students and teachers from SMPAA impressed the audience with their performances and received an outstanding applause. SMPAA is so proud to take part in the Vietnam…

Music Showcase I/2018

The Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy – SMPAA Music Showcase, Term I/2018, took place on the 12th of August with amazing performances from Students and Teachers in Music Faculty. Let’s look back on this exquisite night through these pictures. Click here to see more photos of the Music Showcase Term I/2018!

Little Lyricíst Audition

Little Lyricíst is a new dance programme at Soul, for students aged 8 to 12 years old who have been recognised by teachers and leaders to have exemplary grades, talent and excitement for dance. Let’s review photos of the Little Lyrícist Audition from the first season! Click here to see more photos of the Little…

ASIA Arts Festival 2018

Asia Arts Festival (AAF) has provided a worthy platform for musicians and dancers from all genres to showcase their talents, skills and art form before an illustrious panel of adjudicators. AAF has since attracted 1,800 participants from 14 countries from Asia and other parts of the world, for example, Russia, Germany, Scotland and New Zealand…

A Night With Curtis

“A Night With Curtis” – a special concert organized by Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) along with Alumni of Curtis Institute of Music – the world’s leading music institute. Our artists dedicated their time and talent to bring a vibrant acoustic concert, including classical, musical theater renditions from around the world to this…

Soul Arts Experience Showcase

In the Soul Arts Experience Showcase, our students had the opportunity to apply useful lessons that they learned from our music and performing arts experts to bring wonderful performances for their audience. Let’s review some lovely moments of our students and experts in the Soul Summer Arts Showcase! Click here to see more photos of…

End-of-Term Dance Showcase I/2018

The End-of-Term Dance Showcase Term I/2018 with by students and teachers from SMPAA’s Dance Faculty was extremely lively and received the support of more than 500 enthusiastic audience members at Soul Live Project Complex. Click here to see more photos of the End-of-Term Dance Showcase Term I/2018!

Guitar Recital 2018 – Jam Out

Guitar Recital 2018 – Jam Out, closed with invigorating and exciting performances. Let’s take a look at all the shining moments on stage of our students and teachers of SMPAA Guitar Department! Click here to see more photos of the Guitar Recital 2018 – Jam Out!