Our curriculum is based on the innovative and internationally recognised syllabi from Trinity College London (Trinity) for music, and The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) for dance. Trinity and ISTD are the world’s leading examination boards for music and dance respectively, with the widest range of genres available. These well-balanced syllabi allow students to learn both the technical and performance aspects of their chosen disciplines. They also prepare them with sufficient knowledge and skills for international certificates and qualifications in music and performing arts from Trinity and ISTD, with global validity and recognition. Furthermore, as Vietnamese culture and identity are our most valuable heritage that helps us stand out whilst integrating ourselves to the world, our curriculum will assist students in their learning, understanding and in developing the fabric of our traditional values.

Connecting practice with theory, SMPAA’s rigorous curriculum aims to equip students with a conceptual and practical foundation, as well as strong artistic capabilities. SMPAA offers three comprehensive packages: Feel – Believe – Inspire that will set the stage for all students to achieve their highest potential in music/ performing arts in a clear and structural framework.


This package is designed to introduce students to music and performing arts education within clear structures. Students will start building their foundational knowledge, connecting with themselves while developing their interests in music and the performing arts. For students who participate for recreational purposes, this package offers life-enrichment music and performing arts programs that suit their particular pace, needs, and strengths.


This package acknowledges students’ progress and development with standardised assessment schemes and carefully staged goals. Students will be able to measure and recognise their achievements in music and in performing arts training. This package will motivate students to enhance their self-confidence through mandatory yearly international examinations (Trinity and ISTD).


This package develops a cohesive bridge for students who wish to pursue either further training or professional employment as artists. All students will follow a structured program with international qualifications, global perspectives, while taking part in various artistic pursuits. Students will further build on their established knowledge, enhance their performance capabilities and expand their expertise. Our exciting, relevant and challenging developmental programs will present aspiring students the opportunity to transfer and apply a range of abilities and skills:

  • SOUL Choir
  • SOUL Band
  • SOUL Production
  • SOUL Performance class