SMPAA’s Founder

I believe that music/ performing arts education is an integral part of an individual’s self-development, as well as an important means of self-expression. As the landscape of Vietnam continues to rapidly change, we are seeing a new emphasis on soft-skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving and teamwork – all of which have been scientifically proven to be enhanced through learning music and performing arts.

My aim is to provide the highest level of education in a fun and creative environment to students of all ages. We have a committed teaching faculty of international and national reputations to deliver the course requirements and instill a sense of integrity and inspiration to our students. We are passionate in our work to prepare all students for their professional careers and beyond, irrespective of the field of expertise. At SMPAA, we believe that our students need to FEEL, so that they can BELIEVE in themselves, to then be able to INSPIRE all those around them, and it is our students’ holistic growth from a musical, creative and personal level, that continues to inspire all of us at SMPAA to strive for greater excellence. I look forward to working together with you to strengthen our commitment to achieving a higher quality of music/ performing arts education in this country.