On July 1 the Dance Showcase – a meaningful end-of-term activity for all students from SMPAA’s  Faculty of Dance – took place at the Soul Convention Complex. The event was open for all, with more than 400 SMPAA parents in the audience. With the enthusiastic support of the teachers, each performance of our students was impressively staged. The Showcase was also an opportunity for the students to demonstrate what they had learned throughout the previous term and to improve their on-stage performance skills.


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The Dance Showcase also featured The Young Lyricist, a talented dance crew, including selected students that are well-trained to international standards here at SMPAA.


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We were happy to learn at the Dance Showcase that later this year, The Young Lyricist will be the first representative dance company from Vietnam and the only one from Asia to make it to perform at Dance Proms London 2017 – one of the biggest dance events in the world of the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK.


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