Director of Performing Arts at SMPAA – Mr. Alexander Tu – and The Lyricist will become the first and only representative of Vietnam in the “Dance Proms 2016” at Royal Albert Hall (the most prestigious concert hall in the UK) in October. This is a great honor, not only for SMPAA, but also for the dance community in Vietnam.

With a performance that brought a perfect mix between commercial hip-hop and urban choreography, based on the piano symphony of “Diem Xua” (Trinh Cong Son) and the “Moonlight Sonata” (Beethoven), The Lyricist surpassed and won out over 1000 international dance crews from all over the world. This performance also made a good impression for its flawless combination between traditional Vietnamese clothes “Ao dai” and the modern choreographies of Mr. Alexander Tu.

Through this event, Mr. Alexander desires to show the beauty of Vietnam through the music and performing arts, as well as presenting the young Vietnamese talented dancers with an opportunity to learn more from the world dance community.