The Young Lyricist is a dance group consisting of talented SMPAA students, who are auditioned and professionally trained with ISTD’s curriculum and standards, and are taught to appreciate the traditional values and beauty of Vietnam.

On 22 October 2016, The Young Lyricist, led by Mr. Alexander Tu (SMPAA Vice Principal of Performing Arts), put on a stunning performance of the popular song “Sac Mau” in the charity concert “Together for Thien Nhan & Friends”, which aimed to raise funds for the “Thien Nhan & Friends” Foundation. Through these activities, SMPAA hopes our students will discover their ability to contribute to the larger society.  Who is Thien Nhan??  A few lines about this would help.

“Sac Mau” is the biggest hit song of Tran Tien, one of the most remarkable romance musicians in Vietnam. A perfect combination of modern choreographies and traditional Vietnamese melody further demonstrates SMPAA’s mission with The Young Lyricist to showcase Vietnamese values through the performing arts.

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