On July 24, 2016, SOUL CLUB members and Mr. Thanh Bui (SMPAA’s Principal) represented Vietnam at the 4th annual “Asia Arts Festival” in Singapore. With their musicality, their stagecraft and performing skills, SOUL CLUB delivered a sophisticated medley of “Hello Vietnam” (Marc Lavoine) – “Con Co” (Luu Ha An) – “La La La” (Naughty Boy & Sam Smith). Through this remarkable performance the SOUL CLUB members achieved the highest score and won the Gold Award in the Group category.

With their feelings and passion for music and the arts, not only did SOUL CLUB members inspire the panel of judges, but they also impressed international peers. This is the focus of SMPAA’s teaching approach: developing our students’ creative talents, while building their personality and identity so they can become the new citizens of Vietnam.