In July 2012, SOUL Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) was born with the aim to enhance the quality of music/performing arts education in Vietnam. Since then, we’ve continuously furthered all aspects of our organization and attained many important achievements.

Now, as we move forward with new chapters in our story, SMPAA proudly announces our new leadership team: Mr. MARK BELL as Principal, supported by Ms BUI TRIEU YEN as Vice Principal of Music and Mr. ALEXANDER TU NGUYEN as Vice Principal of Performing Arts. We are very blessed to have a quality leadership team who are experts in their fields, and more importantly, deeply passionate about developing a new generation of more connected and confident Vietnamese children.

Words from our new Principal: “I am very proud to be the Principal of SMPAA. Special thanks to Mr. Thanh Bui for believing in my leadership and music/performing arts training to take on this role at this respected academy. It is my hope to continue the wonderful traditions and roster of events that SMPAA enjoys now and to enhance what we do here as any institution would that lives, learns and grows.”