The dance curriculum of SMPAA is a balance between the technical training and the artistic, creative aspects of dance. Besides offering the most updated syllabi, we are committed to providing our students with the best environment to achieve their full potential in dance.

In August, SMPAA was honored to welcome dance specialists and experts from the world’s leading dance examination board – The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), London to our academy. Our SMPAA Faculty of Dance teachers and students participated in interesting and helpful activities. The ISTD series events started with an intensive training course in Classical Ballet and Modern Jazz offered by Ms Teresa Hall (an experienced ISTD tutor and Principal of TDH Dance School, Italy), aiming to improve the teaching quality of SMPAA Faculty of Dance teachers. Additionally, Ms Teresa Hall also shared her knowledge of Modern Jazz at the Modern Jazz Workshop sponsored by the SOUL Live Project & SMPAA, which helped our students learn more about this unique dance style.

As part of our developmental activities, SMPAA, in collaboration with Vietnam Music & Arts Education (VMA), organized a unique dance and cultural workshop, theISTD Dance Experience Tour Vietnam 2016” and the ISTD International Examination, Commercial Hip-Hop genre for SMPAA Faculty of Dance students. The ISTD Dance Experience Tour Vietnam 2016”, with the special participation of 12 dance specialists from England, helped our students learn more about different choreographies and cultures and provided them with exercises and techniques as to how to protect themselves from dance injury. Additionally, the ISTD International Examination provided our students with an opportunity to measure their progress and development in dance against the world standards of the ISTD.

As a result of this series of ISTD activities, SMPAA hoped to bring our parents & students a general view of the huge impact the ISTD has on the world’s dance industry.