On 10 May 2016, SMPAA, in collaboration with SOUL Live Project, successfully organized the Piano Audition exclusively for SMPAA students. Two outstanding students chosen by the Judges will receive grants covering 100% of expenses to participate in the “Singapore Performing Arts Festival 2016”. This is a yearly international Performing Arts event, held in Singapore by MS Works, Trinity College London and TCM Examinations, aiming to provide a platform for all regional students with music and performing arts interest to meet, interact and learn from each other.

Through the “Singapore Performing Arts Festival 2016”, SMPAA hopes to provide all students the opportunity to gain international experience, while encouraging them to develop their international communication skills and intercultural competence. This Piano Audition is part of SMPAA’s strong extracurricular programs , aiming to facilitate our students in enhancing their practical skills, applying their knowledge and learning from performing on an international stage.