Last week, the End-of-Term Practical Examinations Term II/2016 were held successfully, which brought the teachers, parents and students unforgettable displays of achievement in all of our subject areas at SMPAA.

The examinations were a perfect combination of practice and theory which reflected our students’ holistic learning progress. This simultaneously allowed our students to become more confident to express themselves. Thanks to the feedback from the teachers, our students gained a great deal of valuable experience that will help enhance their understanding of how to improve themselves comprehensively.

Words from our Vice Principal after the exam week: “I had the pleasure of attending the practical exams of all of the various subjects in dance and music offered here at SMPAA and witnessed, first hand, the high level of playing and performance among our students and the exceptional level of expertise and professionalism that exists among our staff of teachers and examiners. Congratulations to all of our SMPAA students and staff for a term well done. May all enjoy a much needed week of break before we begin a new term at SMPAA – Term III/2016.”