Vu Cat Tuong

Vu Cat Tuong was one of the first generation alumni at SOUL. Her music can be considered as a concoction of Pop/RnB/Alternative Rock/ Blues. Last month, in the monthly Bai Hat Yeu Thich Gala, one of the prestigious music television shows, Vu Cat Tuong was the winner of Best Song award for her song Anh va Anh. She is also a unique case of a young Vietnamese artist pushing boundaries as a singer, songwriter and performer. We wish her all the best on her music journey!


Tien Tien

Huynh Nu Thuy Tien, better known by her stage name, Tien Tien, is a former student of SOUL Music Academy. She took the courage to pursue her passion of music and has since become a new musical phenomenon in the Vietnamese music industry. Besides composing, Tien Tien also impresses her audience by her singing abilities. She displays a musical talent of an artist that can compose, play various instruments, and especially exhibits her skills of creating Vietnamese rhythms from modern instruments. Tien Tien is considered to be one of the most engaging new Vietnamese artists of 2015.