SOUNDS OF THE WORLD is a unique concert series aiming to unite the world’s cultures through music by bringing together International and Vietnamese artists.

Following the success of the first event, SOUL Live Project and the Consulate General of Canada, Ho Chi Minh City proudly present “A JAZZY NIGHT,” live with Athésia, a Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer. As Canada is celebrating its 150th Anniversary in 2017, this is also the launching event of  “Canada 150@SOUL” – a series of special concerts which will be presented this year.

With her sensual, entrancing voice and a radiant and charismatic presence on stage, Athesia will bring the audience a  Jazzy Bossa Nova night filled with the flavor of the rhythms of Tango, Latin and Haitian Creole. Indulge in the powerful, warm and velvety feeling of “A Jazzy Night!”
TICKET PURCHASE: | Hotline 0903 787 515