‘LIVE @ SOUL’ is a unique monthly event presented by SOUL Live Project. With the purpose of creating a community of musical artists among SMPAA students, ‘LIVE @ SOUL’ is an opportunity for them to express themselves through original compositions and gain the valuable experience of performing in public. At the end of each ‘LIVE @ SOUL’ show, two best performances are decided by the judges to partake in the semi-annual ‘LIVE @ SOUL GALA’.

The 1st ‘LIVE @ SOUL’ show was held on the 31st October. The first set of artists were able to build their confidence to ‘own’ the stage and work the crowd – they were no longer just SMPAA students, but showed uniqueness through their own musical styles. The success of this evening has strengthened the vision and mission of SOUL Live Project: to guide and facilitate individuals for a professional career in music and the performing arts, through the process of Discovery, Experience and Application.