Last Saturday 6 May, LIVE @ SOUL 5 took place with performances of up-and-coming artists. LIVE @ SOUL offers SMPAA students a stage ,to express themselves through their original compositions , and also a platform to share their thoughts and the story of their songs.

Bich Ngoc – Runner-up of “Vietnam Idol 2015” was a featured guest of this show. “Although I have performed on many big stages, LIVE @ SOUL remains one of the dearest places to me. From this stage, I can hear different stories of young people, through their talks and their songs. After each show, I am always filled with emotions”, told Bich Ngoc at the event.

LIVE @ SOUL 5 was the last show before the first LIVE @ SOUL Gala of SOUL Live Project. After 5 shows, 7 candidates were chosen to perform at the Gala for a chance to win prizes like professional recordings and MV from SOUL Production.