Aiming to bring Vietnamese cultural identities to the public, on 22 October 2016, SOUL Live Project successfully organized the traditional festival “Tiếng Thơ Cõi Nhạc”, with the special participation of Nguyen Duy, one of the prominent poets of Vietnamese contemporary poetry, and The Ancient Music of Tonkin group.

There is an intimate relationship between poetry and music in Asian cultures, particularly Vietnam. “Tiếng Thơ Cõi Nhạc”, where modern poems by Nguyen Duy were transmitted through fundamental musical instruments of five traditional music genres (Tuồng, Chèo, Ca Trù, Xẩm, Chầu Văn), performed by The Ancient Music of Tonkin group. Also, the concert took the audience through the past to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the ancient music of Vietnam. In another way, we hope this traditional festival will transfer to the next generation a desire to preserve and promote these precious traditional values.