Vietnamese Teacher’s Day (20/11) is an occasion to celebrate all of those who shape the minds of future generations. SMPAA held a meaningful Vietnamese Teacher’s Day celebration to recognize and honor our respected teachers.

Words from our Founder – Mr. Thanh Bui: “We are connected because of love for education. Our mission is not only teaching but also helping our students reach their full potential in music & performing arts, thereby contributing to the development of a new generation of more connected and confident Vietnamese children. When I first started SOUL, I had a dream of improving the quality of music/performing arts education in this country, but it’s not my dream anymore, it’s our dream! To make this dream come true, please join us to keep trying hard. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend my big thank you to my dedicated teachers, and together we will make music and the performing arts accessible to every child in Vietnam.”