Director of Music

“Music is the breath of life, a reflection of the culture of today’s society. I believe music preserves the values of life and nurtures humanity each day. Therefore, music education is a long-term process of development. I believe the technical focus of Classical music combined with the free spirit of Contemporary music are the key elements of a comprehensive music education – these standards play a key role in the music education process in order to enrich the characteristics of an individual.”

cô TY


Director of Performing Arts

Doctor of Occupational Therapy

“I am really fortunate to have completed a PhD in Occupational Therapy investigating the benefits of dance to the well-rounded development of Vietnamese youth, as well as to pursue my passion for the performing arts. With years of professional training in dance and performing arts, I am certain that performing arts education facilitates children’s physical development, provides them a unique means of expression, releases their emotions, and allows them to explore new ideas. As such, I have long believed that performing arts are a crucial component of a comprehensive education for all students. My desire is to build a proper performing arts education that can assist the growth of students’ minds and bodies, while providing them with internationally recognised qualifications.”

anh Alex