Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA) is focused on raising music and performing arts education in Vietnam to a new level. With the most updated international curricula available and world-class facilities, we offer a range of music and performing arts programs, as well as various developmental activities to enhance the learning experience of our students. As we believe that music / performing arts is an integral part of an individual’s holistic development, SMPAA has both the expertise and passion to deliver tangible benefits to our students. At the very core, through music and performing arts education, we prepare our students to be world-ready, to make an impact with their academic knowledge, creativity, artistic competence, sensitivity and integrity.



With a vision to build the next GLOCAL CITIZENS of Vietnam – individuals with GLOBAL mindsets and traditional LOCAL values, SMPAA facilitates and cultivates the holistic development of our students through education in music and the performing arts. We celebrate our students who pursue their passions, think independently and lead with humility to transform the world through the power of music and the performing arts.


  • To bring a well-rounded music / performing arts education to every child to nurture the next Global Generation of Vietnam.
  • To develop in equal measure the artistic and academic aspects of all students so that they can achieve their fullest artistic and career potential in their chosen fields.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of music / performing arts education in developing a child’s creativity, positive mindset and human interaction.
  • To bring international standard skill-sets to the Vietnamese music / performing arts community.