• Bao Thanh
    “I think my two years with SOUL have changed me significantly. Besides helping me build my musical foundations, my teachers always encouraged me to figure out and pursue my passion. The training with SOUL CLUB enabled me to develop my musicality, my practical and soft skills. Equally, with The Young Lyricist, I realise I can do many different things I never thought I could.”
  • Van An
    “I think I love learning math as much as I love coming to SOUL to learn with my lovely teachers. They are always so kind and sweet. They teach me to play piano, to sing, and they also teach me to open my heart and share with other people around me. That is why I was encouraged to give my painting to the auction, so that I could help children who are not as fortunate as I am.”
  • Gia Khanh
    “My most valuable treasure from SOUL is realising how music and arts have deeply influenced my life. Music has the power to fuel my imagination, so I can bring about my thoughts and visualise almost anything intangible. They have taught me and my friends to become well-rounded individuals with a fresh, creative and global perspective.”
  • Hoang Anh
    “My teachers and the lessons at SOUL deepened my interest in music and exposed me to the various dimensions that go with music: from singing, playing instruments to writing my own songs. I was taught to see music not just as a pastime but as an art, an embodiment of beauty and truth and self expression, something I can always count on.”